We wanted to outline the top 3 benefits of working with an insurance broker vs buying from an insurance agent.

1. You Have Options

  • Buying directly means you’re only getting a quote from one source, while a brokerage can provide customers with quotes from a number of different companies. By offering a wider selection of options than any other source, we can help you find the coverage and price that’s best suited to your unique needs. We offer options from 10+ different providers…more than any other local brokerage.
  • Let us do the work. Why waste time shopping around one option at a time when our qualified experts can do the shopping for you. We’re your best choice for MORE OPTIONS.

2. Independent, Informed Advice

  • Brokerages are independent organizations that work on behalf of the customer and put your needs first. We don’t work for any particular insurance provider, but rather work to find the best provider for your individual needs.
  • Licensed brokers offer knowledgeable and unbiased advice when finding the best fit for your insurance needs. We make your life easier by offering all types of protection, placing all of your insurance needs under one roof.

 3. Keep it Local

  • We’re members of the community just like you, and we know the unique lifestyle of our Northern clientele – whether it be your camp, boat, farm or snowmobile, a local brokerage like us can provide sound advice.
  • Why deal with someone across the country when you can work with someone across the street?
  • With a broker you’re not just a client number, you’re a customer with a name and a face that we know.

We have 10+ insurance providers to give you the best choice for more options! Request a quote online. As a local brokerage in Northern Ontario we aim to do business the way that best suits you and your lifestyle.

Algoma Financial Group