With another winter behind us (finally) the mercury is slowly starting to rise and is making way for summer sunshine. May long weekend is right around the corner, and with it comes the unofficial start of camping season in Ontario. In Algoma we’re privileged to have some of the best camping there is, right in our own backyard. It’s important to know the potential risks and how to stay safe while camping this summer. Whether you’re staying in a tent, a trailer, or at your camp, here are some tips to ensure that you can stay safe while camping and get the most enjoyment out of what our beautiful country has to offer.

The most important thing is to be prepared for any situation. Be sure you have enough food and clean water for your entire trip. It doesn’t hurt to bring a little extra in case you end up staying a little longer than expected! Bring sunscreen and bug spray – it may seem like a no-brainer but remembering these simple items could mean the difference between a great trip and a miserable trip. Don’t forget your first aid kit too! It’s good to bring more warm clothing than you think you’ll need – you can always shed a layer if it’s too warm. Temperatures can drop by more than 20 degrees when the sun goes down, and even more if you are camping close to a large body of water like Lake Superior or Lake Huron.

Always let someone know where you’ll be going and how they can get ahold of you. Getting lost while camping is a very real possibility, especially if you’re camping somewhere for the first time. Bring a cellphone and a GPS or compass/map, as well as extra batteries or a portable charger.

Sitting around a bonfire after a day outside is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing parts of camping. When lighting a bonfire be sure you’re doing so in a safe spot away from trees, tents, trailers, vehicles and any other combustible materials. Always start your fire with paper or kindling, never with flammable liquids. Have a bucket of water on hand and always make sure to extinguish your fire completely before heading to bed or packing up for the weekend.

Wherever you’re camping this summer, be sure that you have proper coverage to keep yourself and your belongings safe. Contact one of our experienced local brokers to discuss coverage options for your travel trailer, your RV, or your cottage. We can also offer coverage for watercraft, ATVs and recreational vehicles. If you’re planning on taking your camping trip out of the country, we have travel insurance available to help keep you safe if travelling into the US and abroad.

Matt Jones