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Closing up your cottage (or camp as we like to call it) properly in the fall is very important. Set aside some time to do a thorough inspection and make any necessary repairs before closing it up for the year. This will help eliminate any winter damage you may find when making your way back for the first time next spring!

It’s Time To Winterize


A lot of costly spring repairs arise due to improperly drained pipes, pumps and tanks that have frozen, cracked or burst over the winter. If you have never drained your cottage’s plumbing system before, you should have a licensed plumber on site to take you through the process, step-by-step.

Take photos of everything. In the unfortunate event of fire, theft, or weather damage, it will make the claims process quicker and smoother if you have documentation of how things appeared when you last left the premises. After you’ve closed up the cottage properly, you can rest easy and enjoy all the great things fall and winter have to offer!

7 more tips to remember when closing up for the winter

  1.  Check your septic tank. Have a septic system at the cottage? Make sure you know the recommended service dates and have a professional come for an inspection if needed.
  2. Clean out the fridge/cupboards. You don’t want to be welcomed to the smell of rotting food when you come back next spring. Make sure you clean the fridge and cupboards of any items that might go bad. Also, if you’re unplugging the fridge, leave the door open a bit to prevent a musty smell.
  3. Unplug appliances to prevent damages in case of a storm.
  4. Cover furniture. Close the drapes or cover your couches and beds with sheets to prevent bleaching from the sun.
  5. Board up screen windows to prevent a break in.
  6. Bring in your dock. If you have a moveable dock, bring it onto shore to prevent it from floating away during severe weather.
  7. Winterize your boat. Make sure you seal all entry points to protect your boat from animals looking for shelter.
Click here to download & print off this checklist for your cottage close up!

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